Dr. Sophia Rosebrook, DO

Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVE what I do! As a family physician, my scope of practice encompasses the full spectrum of life from birth to the Golden years, including women's health, psychiatry, general internal medicine and procedures.   My medical training as a DO was heavily based on the osteopathic principle of the holistic approach, taking into consideration the intricate connection between the mind, body and soul of a human being.  I personally have a rather interactive approach to my medical decision making process with my patients and often times I ask them directly what they would like to do, not do, or what they think we should do. Together with my medical knowledge and experience in collaboration with your perspective, we will both take part in the responsibility of your health. I will always choose what I believe is good medicine in the best interest of my patients. Finally, I am a firm believer that there is always something to learn from each and every one of my patients no matter what their age, gender, walk of life, spiritual or political beliefs, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.  I am very passionate about providing high quality patient care tailored to each individual. I am humbled and honored to assist you in your journey towards healing and well-being.


Born and raised in Paris, France, from a Berber-Kabyle father and an Irish-American mother, I spent the majority of my early life traveling back and forth between Europe and the States. I was mainly educated in the French system and ultimately attended college at La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris and University College Cork, Ireland where I studied literature and social sciences. Following graduation I worked as an English teacher for 3 years in Paris. However, deep down inside my true calling had always been medicine and so in 2003, I flew back to the US on a one-way ticket, with a back pack, one thousand dollars  and a dream of becoming a physician. My medical journey began at the University of Pennsylvania where I completed my Post-Baccalaureat Premedical program. During that time I discovered osteopathy and decided to attend the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. From there, I completed my residency in Family Medicine at Largo Medical Center, Florida.


I strive to achieve balance in my life through exercise, meditation, and creativity (art work, dance, music, interior design).  I am an adventurer at heart, I love discovering new places and people.  As of most recently, I am also an aspiring beachaholic!  Spending precious family time with my 2 small boys and my amazing family and friends in the US, Europe,  Algeria is a top priority in my life. I also have interests in life coaching, aesthetic procedures, and medical mission work both abroad and within our own communities .

 Claire Diamant-Yefet, FNP-BC, MSN, RN, BSN

Claire Diamant-Yefet, owner and nurse practitioner at Health Now, went to college at the University of Colorado where she received a BA in psychology with the plan of pursuing her masters in counseling but then decided she wanted to be able to treat the whole body and went on to get her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing at Denver College of Nursing. She started her career as a nurse after moving to Florida for 2 years to be closer to the ocean which she loves! In Florida, she was a pediatric oncology nurse. Her love for kids took her into this realm of nursing. It was definitely a challenge but it was so fulfilling for her to be able to help children and their families as they were fighting for a cure. Claire then went on to become a travel RN and moved to New York to explore the big apple! While in NYC, Claire worked on the general pediatric unit at Weill Cornell Hospital with school aged children as well as babies. Her next contract took her to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, back to her original stomping ground and where she loved to be. “Patients with cancer have a major obstacle and tremendously hard  life change put in front of them, they learn to truly appreciate life and you can personally feel that from their energy, its very sad and hard but truly a special field to have grown in. “I have stayed in touch with many of my patients to this day and I see them when I go back to visit with my husband and 18 month old daughter, my husband is from New York!” While working as a nurse for 5 years, Claire received her masters of science degree at Simmons College in Boston where she became a family nurse practitioner, again wanting to be able to treat ailments from head to toe. She returned to Colorado 2.5 years ago to be close to her family again as family is number one in her life, this includes her 6 year old, fluffy Pomeranian, Romeo. She started her career as an FNP at DTC Family Health and after 2 years, was given an amazing opportunity by her family , to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning her own practice as well as practicing as a NP in her own clinic and providing urgent care.

 Darla Pearce, FNP-C, MSN, RN, BSN

As a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner currently practicing in the South Denver area, I am here to work with individuals & families to ‘Live Life’ to the fullest, in the midst of their health challenges. My background includes over 33 years in nursing, with a comprehensive knowledge base in a variety of fields of medicine. Some of my most unique and challenging professional experiences have occurred in West Yellowstone, Montana, providing primary care services for my own small town, and a front-line provider provider for a large seasonal influx of tourists who visited Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons because of our pristine wilderness setting. Patients who would unexpectedly tangle with bison, white water rafting accidents, snow-machines or other recreational mishaps while vacationing. Immediately after graduating from University of Northern Colorado, Greeley in 2002, I started serving West Yellowstone, and then in 2011 moved to Eaton, Colorado to serve the farmers and oil men in northern Colorado. Now after 17 years of experience in Family Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, and Emergent care, I am in south Denver, with a goal of serving as a “Country Doc in the City”, for Health Now Family Practice + Walk In. I look forward to meeting you, and helping you toward your health goals.

 Giulia Brighi Donato, FNP-C, MSN, RN, BSN

Giulia Brighi Donato is a nurse practitioner at Health Now. Giulia grew up in Northern Italy and moved after high school to the States to attend college. She initially attended college in Phoenix Arizona where she met her husband and later transferred to Northern California to follow his career. Giulia worked as care manager while finishing her bachelor’s in science of Nursing and then started her RN career as an acute care Dialysis nurse. She later transition into pediatric oncology at Children Hospital of Oakland where she found her deepest satisfaction in life was from caring for her patients. Giulia loved children and caring for her oncology children was a real passion. As many children from the oncology floor went on to have healthy lives not all of them were so fortunate, knowing there was a better option for some children than spend the remaining time of their life in a neutropenic floor in a hospital, Giulia became a strong supporter of George Mark’s Children House, a house for terminally hill children where she worked in her spare time between Children Hospital of Oakland while finishing her master degree.

Giulia and her husband had visited Denver many times in the 9 years they lived in California and loved it every time a little more. They believed there was no better place where to raise their growing family and they were excited when an opportunity with her husband came to move to the Denver area. After moving with their 9 years old boy, 8 years old boy and 2 years old daughter they built a house and adopted a Boxer puppy.

During her Family Practitioner education, she enjoyed working with all different age groups focusing primarily in family practice and internal medicine. Giulia started her FNP career in Denver where she initially worked in a local urgent care.

 Sarah Thompson, FNP-BC

Sarah Thompson is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who is passionate about providing preventative healthcare to you and your family. A native of Tampa, Florida, Sarah has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of South Florida where she concentrated in Family Health Nursing and earned a 4.0 GPA.

While completing her master’s degree, Sarah worked as a Registered Nurse on the Pediatric Float Team at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa. As a member of the float team, she gained experience in a wide variety of pediatric specializations, including pulmonology, cardiology, hematology/oncology, gastroenterology, and neonatal and pediatric intensive care. Most recently, Sarah served as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner providing primary and urgent care to children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly at a family practice clinic in the Tampa area. Sarah has also served as a Nurse Practitioner on several medical mission trips to Haiti with People for Haiti, an organization that helped to provide much-needed medical care to residents of rural Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake.

Having recently traded sand for snow by moving from Tampa to Denver, Sarah is looking forward to skiing, hiking, and exploring all that Colorado has to offer with her husband and yellow lab, Charley.  In her free time, she enjoys staying active, teaching barre classes, and volunteering in local hospitals where Charley is a certified therapy dog.

 Matt Silvaggio, MSPT, CFMT, CSCS

You know that saying, “you are what you eat”?   In physical therapy it is, “you are how you move”.  I specialize in helping people understand why they are in pain, why their body is not moving with ease, and providing solutions for how they can return to what they love doing without pain.  My approach to patient care involves a balance of what people want but also what they need.  This commences with a proper and thorough evaluation of you as a whole including your goals, needs, complaints and past history.  Treatment entails tactful exercise selection to improve the movements and strengths necessary for you to heal and become a stronger you.  It will also entail manual therapy including soft tissue and joint manipulation, dry needling, Graston technique, and cupping to name a few.  The final ingredient to success is patient education.  Research shows that patients achieve their best outcomes when they are intricately engaged in their own healing process. 

I love fitness and the arts of movement.  A testament to this includes my certification to teach yoga as well as my certification as a strength and conditioning specialist.  I have been licensed as a physical therapist since 2003, graduating from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY.  I am passionate about helping people and I am very committed to doing so.  When I am not working, I am outdoors with my wife and son enjoying the Colorado lifestyle.

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